Common Queries

What is Hug-A-Bib

It is a waterproof, soft, absorbent baby bib with a Velcro strap that goes around baby’s waist to prevent baby from flipping the baby up at the wrong moment.

What is ClippyCloth?

ClippyCloth is an oversized burp cloth with a mitten clip which is also waterproof, soft, and absorbent. The mitten clip clips onto your shirt to prevent it from falling off when you bend over to pick things up.

Any special instructions for the care of the Hug-A-Bib or Clippy Cloth?

We recommend washing the products before you use them. This maximizes the absorbency of the fabrics. We also recommend closing the strap before washing.

Are your stay put baby bibs and burp cloths easy to use?

Very!  We designed the Hug-A-Bib to be easily done up using one hand while cradling your baby.  The Clippy Cloth uses a mitten clip, which was the easiest and most user-friendly clip we could find.  Everything we do is designed to make life easier for parents and baby!

How long does it take to receive my items?

We ship First Class or Priority 2 Day within 24-48 hours of receipt of payment, which means you should get your items in under a week.

What is your guarantee?

Our guarantee is unconditional. If you are not satisfied with your Hug-A-Bib or Clippy Cloth simply return them within 30 days for a full refund (minus the cost of shipping).

What are your bibs made of?

The front and back of our bibs are 100% cotton. The inner padding and waterproof liner are 100% polyester. The strap and neck closure are made of Velcro The back of all the bibs is made of cotton corduroy, which gets softer with every wash!

Are your bibs and burp cloths machine washable?

They sure are! We do recommend doing up the bib's strap before washing then machine washing warm, tumble dry.

Can I Special Order?

Sure! Just fill out the contact form or email at

Will you be adding more products?

Definitely!!! We will be adding new fabrics and new items quarterly. Keep coming back!!

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