The Story of Hug-A-Bib & Clippy Cloth

Like all mother I always wanted the best for my babies.

My youngest daughter, Allea, was born with what the doctors called an "underdeveloped stomach valve". This meant that when she ate, half of what she ate would come back up again. It wasn't a terrible thing, but, with her constantly spitting up, I was doing laundry every day. No matter how hard I tried, it seemed that the second she started spitting up her bib moved or folded back on itself so everything would land right on her clean clothes. The only way to stop this from happening was to devise a way to keep the bib in place. The baby bibs available on the market only fastened around the neck, or were a full body garment and so huge and bulky it was like she was wearing a second set of clothes. I wanted something that was less cumbersome, but still afforded great coverage and would not move on the baby. A bib that would truly protect the clothing. I started making my own bibs for her, first with ties, then with Velcro. As she grew up and I concentrated on raising my 2 girls and working, those early days became not much more than fond memories.

Years later I was cleaning out a dresser drawer and found one of the bibs I had made for her. Watching a mother struggle with her little one in the lobby of my office, I realized that all mothers could use this bib, that there was a huge need for it. With advances in materials and Velcro-like products I could produce a bib that would be like no other both in quality and functionality!

I knew what I wanted. Now I wanted to know what other mothers wanted. I spoke to mothers, fathers, grandparents, teachers, day-care centers and any other caregivers I could find. Everyone wanted the same things: a high-quality, soft, waterproof bib that would stay 
in place on the infant and toddler. I took all their suggestions and incorporated them into the new and improved Hug-A-Bib.

During one of my many discussions on my bib design, I was told that I needed a "line". I decided to make the burp cloth I always wanted. So I designed the "Clippy Cloth" an oversized, plush, absorbent, waterproof cloth that uses a clip to attach it to the shoulder of the clothing the parent or caregiver is wearing, keeping it in place. I made it longer front and back so it can be used on either shoulder with equal coverage. It is the perfect compliment to the Hug-A-Bib.

I am currently working on larger sizes of the Hug-A-Bib for special needs kids and the elderly.

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