People rave about our products

April says, "We will definitely be using a hug-a-bib baby bibs from now on. I have never had my son wear baby bibs for the simple fact that he won't wear them. When I put a hug-a-bib baby bib on him he didn't try once to take it off. It has a very soft material and the strap didn't bother him at all."
Becca says:"LOVE LOVE LOVE the bib - it's the only one Felix can't pull off and he doesn't fight me when I put it on like ordinary over the head bibs. It washes so easily and after being used for months, the velcro is still like new! Hug-a-bib is my bib of choice! Now that he's crawling, it still stays put and his clothes stay dribble free. "
Finessa says: "I LOVE Hug-a-bibs! I can't say enough positive things about them. I love how soft they are and how easy they are to put on. My son has hated to wear baby bibs since he's been old enough to know better. He is now 1, and I can't keep a bib on him for anything. Not only did he not fight me when I put the hug-a-bib baby bib on him, but he didn't notice it was there! I like how flexible they are, but how durable they are as well. They close snugly around his neck, but not too tight. Just snug enough to keep spills and food from getting onto his shirt. I also LOVED the burp cloths. I wish I'd had one when my son was a newborn. They are really soft and super easy to clip on. I like that they are big and hang off the shoulder a little bit. I highly recommend these products!!!"
Linette says: "I just received my Clippy Cloths!!! AMAZING!!!! I don't understand how i got along without it before!!!  Thank you for making a solution to the burpy cloth!" 
Tina says: "OMGosh Lorri... I cannot believe how WONDERFUL your bib and burp clothes are. Thick and plush are not the words to describe them!"
Michelle says: "Wonderful items! Highly recommend!. Will be buying more for myself and for gifts."
Heather says: "I don't have any kids of my own, I bought for my girlfriends, who are expecting.  What a wonderful gift idea and the stuffed bear is amazing! He's huge! Much bigger than I expected and so soft!"
Alyssa says: "It's amazing!  I love it! My daughter cannot dislodge it no matter how hard she tries. I just got the Clippy Cloth burp cloth and it's amazing too. I love the clip you use, it's so easy to put on and really does stay in place! I recommend you to everyone!"
Melissa says: "Love the thickness of the baby bib and the softness of the material. The shape and size are perfect and the Velcro is wonderful because nothing ever gets stuck in it!"
Denise says, "The Hug-A-Bib was a great hit!  I'd like another.  Keep up the good work."
Michelle H. says, "I love the bib! What a great idea."